At St Jerome’s Primary School, technology is integrated across the curriculum. Each class has a computer connected to a Smart Television. In each of our classes from Pre Primary to Year Two there are fifteen iPads for shared use in each class. In Year Three, each child is allocated a school owned device for use on site. In Years Four to Six, students participate in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.

Though we do not recommend one company over another to purchase your child’s iPad for 2022, Winthrop Computing and JB HIFI have provided a portal for purchasing the required iPad and accessories at competitive prices. They will also load the required Management Device for the school, prior to delivery of the device.

The required model for 2022 is:
- Apple iPad 9th Gen 256GB – (Wi-Fi)
- An Apple Pencil or a Logi Tech crayon for iPad 9th Gen is highly recommended, but is not compulsory

Prices vary from store to store, so you are encouraged to shop around for the best price. Often you simply need to ask, “Is this your best price?” Stores can discount when you ask, although this does not occur at Apple stores. At Apple stores, you need to ensure you ask for Education Pricing. Ensure that you specify the recommended or better model of iPad and capacity (GB).

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase your iPad and accessories though Winthrop Computing or JB HiFi who are both providing portals for you to order online. These are now live and ready to use.
(Winthrop Computing)
(JB Hi Fi)

Purchasing your iPad through one of the the portals ensures that you get the best possible 'Education' price.

St Jerome's, like most schools today, require an MDM (Mobile Device Manager - Jamf) to be loaded onto the iPad prior to use. When purchasing the iPad through one of the portals, this will be done at the time of purchase.

iPads purchased through other outlets will need to be brought to the school, prior to being set up or used, to have the MDM loaded. Please contact the school in the week before school commences to arrange for this to be done. 

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