3 Year Old Kindergarten

St Jerome’s Catholic Primary School 3YO Kindergarten Program is based around fun and stimulating experiences that foster the philosophy of ‘Learning through Play’.

View our Parent Presentation: 3K Parent Info Presentation 2021

Aims of the 3YO Kindergarten Programme

  • To assist each child to develop a positive sense of self and independence.
  • Enhance the development of the whole child across the physical, social and emotional, language, cognitive and spiritual domains.
  • Encourage parent participation in the school environment.
  • Provide a welcoming environment that encourages learning.
  • To acknowledge, value and celebrate each child’s individuality.
  • Make available support to parents in relation to the child’s development.
  • Provide a developmentally appropriate program.
  • To assist children to develop fine & gross motor skills (through such activities as craft, painting, drawing, cutting, play and dance).
  • To promote learning through play and other experiences to develop cognitive understandings and to encourage imagination

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